Vocal Mic Shootout by Alex Fulton

Mic Shootout

Here’s a vocal setup with the Placid Audio Copperphone, Peluso U47, and Shure SM7B. This has been my go to arsenal for vocals lately. I shoot out a number of mics for each new project to find the best match for the vocalist and the song, but this month almost everything has ended up on one of these three.

In this session I tracked a lot of vocals through all three at the same time and then used takes from each mic for different sections. Fun idea in theory, but it left me with a ton of extra files. I wouldn’t recommend it. A reminder to make creative decisions and commit to them!


Drum Mic Experiments by Alex Fulton

When tracking drums, always try something you’ve never done before

Tracking a drum kit is a situation with a heck ton of variables. Close mics, room mics, overheads, dampening, tuning, phasing… it goes on. There are some tried and true foundations that will inevitably be a part of every drum recording setup, but my one hard and fast rule when mic’ing up a kit is to always try something new.

In this scenario I took an old dial phone wired with an instrument output, taped it to a bit of foam, and then secured it to the kick drum. Once recorded I bit-crushed it and got this awesome little gritty filtered drum sound.

If you listen closely, you can hear where I buried this little bit of ear candy on this track.

Here’s a little video from the session with kickass session drummer Aaron Hamel.