Marcus Cobb

The Pitch: An Evening With Music Supervisors by Alex Fulton

The Pitch Panel

Who Knew Nashville and Anacrusis Songs invited me to join a panel of top notch music supervisors at City Winery Nashville to talk music for sync and listen to a batch of incredible emerging artists perform.

Them Vibes

Every time I’m in Nashville I’m blown away by the concentration of raw talent and this trip was no different. Performances by Them Vibes, Joy Oladokun, Jung Youth, Tolan Shaw, Tiger Drive, Sarah Troy, Jeff Carl, Sarah Reeves, and Delta Rae had me contemplating how I could spend more time in Music City.

Panel 2

It was humbling to be seated with such an elite group of music supervisors, all from different corners of the industry. We talked about the importance of authenticity and telling relatable stories with songs that support narratives in film. We shared anecdotes of music supervision victories, and the ones that got away. We offered advice on getting songs into media, and who artists should have on their team to help get them there.

The event was hosted by Marcus Cobb, CEO of Jammber. Apart from being an excellent host, Marcus is the visionary leader behind a company that stands to revolutionize the way musicians make money and get credit for their work. Check out Splits and nStudio to see what I mean! After learning about the apps they’re building, all I could think about was how I wanted to work in an industry where these tools were already ubiquitous. I can’t wait to live in the future Jammber is building.

writing camp

The most rewarding part of the week was working with the artists, writers, producers, and fellow music supervisors in the Anacrusis writing camp. Over the course of three days, the writing teams created nine tracks based on briefs the supervisors wrote. In a stroke of serendipity, the track written for my brief was perfect for an advertising client of mine and I was able to sell it through the same day it was written!

Both the event and the camp were made possible by the brilliant and industrious Liz Rogers of Anacrusis Songs. Liz is a power house and I was blown away by the caliber of everything she curated for the week!

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