Marcus Brown

Drum Mic Experiments by Alex Fulton

When tracking drums, always try something you’ve never done before

Tracking a drum kit is a situation with a heck ton of variables. Close mics, room mics, overheads, dampening, tuning, phasing… it goes on. There are some tried and true foundations that will inevitably be a part of every drum recording setup, but my one hard and fast rule when mic’ing up a kit is to always try something new.

In this scenario I took an old dial phone wired with an instrument output, taped it to a bit of foam, and then secured it to the kick drum. Once recorded I bit-crushed it and got this awesome little gritty filtered drum sound.

If you listen closely, you can hear where I buried this little bit of ear candy on this track.

Here’s a little video from the session with kickass session drummer Aaron Hamel.